Everything Shades of Shea Principal Designer and CEO Lasheaya Diaz does, she does it with glamour.

The evening wear designer is known for making the ordinary girl extraordinary with her made-to-order custom gown atelier. Shades of Shea is the go-to line for the free thinking woman who likes to play dress-up daily and loves to turn it up a notch for special occasions. Clients can shop with the brand for prom, baby showers, red carpet events and other special occasions. 


"My mission is to make women feel fabulous from the time they set up an appointment with me through the event they need the look for,” says Diaz. “At Haus of Shea, we provide impeccable service to all of our clients. When you come to our showroom, we make you feel at home the minute you step in the door. Not only can we create a unique look that suits you, we also help with all of your needs to complete your look from head-to-toe the same way we work with celebrities. Like a celebrity stylist, we provide creative direction of hair styles and shoe options, and even an in-house makeup artist on site upon request. We want our customers to be red carpet ready. At Haus of Shea we aim for that Hollywood feel so our customers are as fabulous as the celebrities we work with and those they admire,” adding, “The end result always makes them feel sexy, bold and powerful. Who doesn’t want to inject a bit of fantasy into their everyday lives?”